How to Take the PMP Certification Examination

Read on to find out how to take the PMP Certification Examination, which you can train for by registering at the Online School for IT Certification Training. For those who are new to this training, the aim of this article is to explain how to sit for certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP). This is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

(1) What Is the Use of PMP Project Manager?

PMP is the most valuable certificate in the field of Project Management, which has been highly recognized in 185 countries and regions around the world. PMP has been regarded as the symbol of the professional identity of Project Management. The important qualification obtained by the project manager and this Certificate indicates that the personal project operation level has been confirmed by the certificate, has the international professional project operation level, and is qualified to engage in project operation. It will bring more opportunities and development space to your career development.

First of all, obtaining the Project Management Professional Certification represents becoming a project management professional, which will be valued in many enterprises. Leaders will pay more attention to it, and there will be more opportunities, let alone the salary.

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Second, PMP is highly valued in many foreign enterprises and large enterprises in China. CNPC, CNOOC, HUAWEI, etc, will train their internal staff. These organizations attach great importance to Project Management Certification. Many companies require senior project managers to pass PMP Certification. In the recruitment requirements of the top 500 enterprises and well-known institutions, PMP Certification is listed as one of the priority employment conditions.

Third, the PMP Certificate is highly recognized, which is helpful for promotion, salary increase and job-hopping. But what you should pay more attention to is establishing a project management framework by learning Project Management Professional methods, have a sense of direction in doing projects, and not be unable to do what you want. Ability improvement is the king way!

Fourth, your income will increase. Through the analysis of the survey data, the average salary after PMP training increased by 10.2% compared with that before training.

(2) What Is the Renewal Process for this Certification?

The renewal cycle of the Project Management Professional Certificate is three years, and you need to accumulate at least 60 PDU within three years. When you complete the accumulation, you can log in to the Project Management Professional Institute Official Website to pay the renewal fee (the specific renewal fee and requirements can be viewed in the Summary of Project Management Professional Examination Related Fees), and then complete the renewal.

(3) Is “Project Management Professional” Certification Easy?

The domestic pass rate of PMP is more than 90%, much higher than that of 65% in the world.

PMP preparation time is 2-3 months. According to the learning schedule of Project Management Professional Training Institutions, it is not difficult to pass the exam.

(4) Is PMP Certification Useful?

  1. When the enterprises' bid, PMP holdings are used as an effective measure of enterprise project management ability.
  2. In many leading enterprises (LENOVO, HUAWEI, IBM, SAMSUNG, etc.), PMP is a common language. If you don't understand this certification, it's just like that you don't understand English in foreign enterprises.
  3. New team building, job adjustment, promotion and salary increase within the company, PMP will bring you more opportunities.
  4. Many HR will explicitly require a PMP Certificate in recruitment.

Project Management Professional Certification attaches great importance to the learning of project manager's ability improvement, so in addition to the value of the certificate itself, the learning content includes the five process groups and ten knowledge areas of project management, and all the tools, technologies, templates and knowledge used in the project process will be involved. It can be said that the first usage is to help learners improve the existing work efficiency and improve the management process.

(5) What Is the Difference between Project Management, PM and PMP?

  1. PM is the position of project manager.
  2. PMP is the International Project Manager Certification issued by Project Management Professional Certification of the American Project Management Association.
  3. Project Management is a set of efficient project management systems, which involves a lot of methods and systems, similar to PMP, the content of learning is the knowledge of project management.

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